Networking is the practice of transporting and exchanging data between nodes over a shared medium in an information system. This comprises not only the design, construction and use of a network, but also the management, maintenance and operation of the network infrastructure, software and policies. Computer networking enables devices and endpoints to be connected to each other on a local area network or to a larger network, such as the internet or a private wide area network. This is an essential function for service providers, businesses and consumers worldwide to share resources, use or offer services, and communicate through these networks. Networking facilitates everything from a telephone call to text messaging to streaming video from a miles away place.

Computer networking is a vast field as it connects a person sitting in one corner to a person sitting in other corner of the world and thus this process involves challenges and many risks and one of them is Privacy protection and security as being secured is utmost important for any internet user. A simple mistake can lead to a big crime as increasing networking is leading to increasing threats to internet users as thousands of hackers are sitting out there in the market to access anyone's identity. With every exchange of data in this networking chain, there is a risk attached to that exchange as the hacker can break this chain by hacking the network and controlling the account.

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