Norton antivirus

Though they're not a living thing like you and me, but our computers can get "sick" from viruses, too. Their body can be affected badly when a virus make an entry in their processing system. Some of the common symptoms of a computer viral infection are slow performance, data loss and system crashes, all of which can make people using the machine feel ill as well as the whole system will stop working in a proper way. On the other hand, worms more often slow down computer networks by eating up bandwidth, or your computer's ability to process data, as the malware replicates and spreads.

Trojan horses act as the sneaky means for a hacker to gain access to someone's computer to send out spam emails or steal passwords and this type of virus is totally deadly for the computer and the user too.A whole range of antivirus software is available to prevent and eradicate these malware infections. Norton Antivirus becomes one of the best protection software in the market. Some unique features of Norton antivirus are Sonar protection, File Insight, Network Insight, Power Eraser tool etc. which provides more reliable protection against viruses and other malicious code. This software can run at background to work silently.

It will warn you before running or installing malicious programs and can protect your computer spreading viruses from your Facebook feed, e-mail attachments. Norton provides PC utility tool to tune-up your pc and Backup and Restore tool and can solve your problems online from tech support, where you can find answers for possible problems, use-one-click-solution-first to solve your problems manually and customer help desk, where you can interact with tech support personnel for your query. I Tech Squad is one of the leading company in providing you the best antivirus software needed for the treatment of your computer. They offer your the best suitable antivirus for the removal of that virus from your system and that too in best price.