Yahoo Support

Yahoo is one of the oldest email site used by most of the consumers and enterprises today as it provides all the features in one place. You get the most free storage with Yahoo Mail which is one of most favorite things about using Yahoo; web-based Yahoo Email is far better in my opinion than desktop applications as it don't eat up your PC's space; Yahoo Chat is available without downloading Yahoo Messenger; yahoo notepad can be used to take notes or to copy & paste sections of text from different web pages to use in your research.Yahoo Mail includes a message translator as part of its free email services. Using this tool, you can translate messages written in a language you can’t read into one you can. Another best convenience tools Yahoo includes is the task calendar.

This lets you send and receive email invitations and set email reminders for upcoming events and tasks. Yahoo Mail has some of the best security tools and this site automatically redirects spam messages into a spam folder. Yahoo Mail recognizes phishing schemes i.e. messages that look like legitimate companies asking for personal information and does a good job blocking them. We all are using this site from years and thus we are pro in handling this properly. But there are some situations which need expert and profesional help and that's the time when we need Yahoo Support to tackle with that problem. Suppose jf your yahoo mail shows an error relating to LDAP or it shows an error of IMAP4.

You can’t do anything when your yahoo mail comes up with some error of SMTP or POP3. These errors are very technical thus any layman person will not be able to detect them and solve them on their own. Due to change in settings, privacy, routing or re-routing, the default settings can get affected leading to problem in protocoals and ultimately mails.You need some professional and expert help in these situations so that your account is safe and protected. I Tech Squad provides best email support services for all kinds of email protocols at the best prices.